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Welcome to the web site of the COSPAR Panel for Radiation Belt Environment Modeling (PRBEM) .

Organisation of the panel:
Chairmann for the panel is Sebastien Bourdarie (2008-2012)
Co-chairs are:
Goka, T., (2006 - 2010)
Kalegaev, V., (2006 - 2010)
O'Brien, T.P., (2006-2010)

Next PRBEM session:
Two PRBEM sessions are planned, PRBEM1 will focus on "Radiation belt modeling for applications" and PRBEM2 will focus on " Wave and particle dynamics in the radiation belts " during next COSPAR assembly in Bremen - Germany- 2010: 18 - 25 July. A business meeting will be scheduled at the same time.

Meetings of the panel:
The next meeting of the panel will be help at COSPAR2010 assembly in Bremen. It will be a business meeting.

Working group:
A working group has been set up to propose a common framework for the community to produce new radiation belt engineering model -> go to working group for more details.

Reference documents:
Reference documents to guide future development of new radiation belt models are available-> go to reference documents for more details.

The Iternational Radiation Belt Environment Modeling library (IRBEM-LIB, formerly the ONERA-DESP-LIB) is now distributed under COSPAR-PRBEM umbrela.-> go to IRBEM-LIB for more details.

Last update: 26 November 2008

 Contact: Bourdarie Sebastien